Tidi Dam Udaipur

Tidi Dam Udaipur

Udaipur stands as one of the most exquisite cities in the state of Rajasthan, renowned for its picturesque lakes, majestic forts, rich culture, and fascinating history. Among its many attractions, Tidi Dam Udaipur holds a prominent place as a beloved destination for tourists.

If you revel in the beauty of nature and seek a delightful picnic spot with well-established infrastructure, Tidi Dam undoubtedly offers an excellent choice within the charming confines of Udaipur.

Tidi Dam Udaipur

The Tidi Dam, situated in Zawar Mines, Udaipur, Rajasthan, was constructed by Hindustan Zinc Limited in Year 1976.

With a storage capacity of 300 million cubic feet and standing tall at a height of 67 feet, the dam serves as a significant water resource in the region.

Udaipur has been blessed by nature with awe-inspiring beauty. When exploring nearby destinations to visit, a plethora of possibilities awaits. Among them is the enchanting Tidi Dam, situated approximately 34 kilometers from the city.

Built in 1976 by Hindustan Zinc Limited, the dam boasts a remarkable capacity of 300 million cubic feet and stands tall at 67 feet. Serving as the primary water source for Zawar Mines, it adds to the region’s significance and allure.

The approximate distance separating Udaipur from Tidi Dam is about 35 kilometers or 22.5 miles.

The Best Time to Visit

This place transforms into a stunning sight during the monsoon season, particularly from July to September, making it the ideal time for a visit. However, it’s advisable to avoid late-night visits. Whether with friends or family, everyone should experience this location at least once. Keep in mind that weekends can get a bit crowded, so if you prefer a more serene experience, it’s best to steer clear of weekends.

Suggestions & Guidelines for Dam

When entering the water, exercise caution as there may be numerous stones, glass fragments, and other sharp objects, not to mention the possibility of encountering reptiles. It’s essential to avoid going barefoot for your safety. Additionally, since the area can be slippery, it’s advisable to wear appropriate footwear or something with good traction.

Any enjoyable outing requires snacks and beverages to accompany it. Therefore, it’s wise to bring plenty of water and snacks, as you may not find any available along the way.

Parents must keep a watchful eye on their children and strictly forbid them from going near deep water. In fact, everyone should approach water with extreme caution to prevent accidents or mishaps. For photographers, there are incredible photo opportunities to be aware of, but safety should always be a priority.

More Details about Tidi Dam Udaipur

The journey from Udaipur to Tidi Dam typically takes 43 minutes by car, covering an approximate driving distance of 36 kilometers or 22.4 miles. The time it takes to travel a certain distance in a car is commonly referred to as travel time. The table above provides driving distances in various units, including kilometers and miles, with 1 mile being approximately equal to 1609 meters.

Tidi Dam, constructed in 1976 by Hindustan Zinc Limited, is a straight gravity masonry dam with a capacity of 300 million cubic feet and a height of 67 feet. It serves as the primary water source for the Zawar Group of Mines and CPP.

How to Reach Tidi Dam from Udaipur?

Tidi Dam is situated along the highway that leads to Ahmedabad. The fastest and most straightforward route is to proceed straight on Goverdhan Vilas main road and then make a right turn onto NH8. If you’re traveling by car, the journey to the dam will take approximately 40-50 minutes. You can refer to the map displayed below for easy navigation:

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