Best Rajasthani Dhaba in Udaipur

Best Rajasthani Dhaba in Udaipur

When I visiting Udaipur, a city celebrated for its culinary richness and traditional Rajasthani fare, Best Rajasthani Dhaba in Udaipur is a must for an authentic experience. Here’s a curated list of unique dhabas that promise a memorable gastronomic journey through Rajasthani cuisine, each with its own distinct charm and specialty dishes.


This eatery takes pride in its Rajasthani culinary heritage, offering an extensive menu that goes beyond the classic kachoris and Dal Baati Churma to include dishes like Gatte ka Saag and Bajre ki Roti. Its ambiance, adorned with Rajasthani and Bollywood motifs, alongside a collection of vintage cars, makes for a picturesque dining experience.

Millets of Mewar:

Focused on health and tradition, this restaurant creatively infuses millets into Rajasthani and Mewari dishes, offering a rooftop dining ambiance with panoramic views. It’s a place where health-conscious food meets traditional flavors, highlighted by dishes like millet pizza and millet biryani.

The Marvadi Dhaba:

Emphasizing pure vegetarian Rajasthani, Kathiyawadi, and North Indian cuisine, this dhaba is noted for its commitment to food quality and service. It’s a spot where one can enjoy the simplicity and richness of vegetarian dishes in a homely setting.

Hukum sa Non-Veg Dhaba:

Catering to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences, this dhaba offers a budget-friendly menu. It’s known for its North Indian and Rajasthani non-veg dishes, providing a hearty meal without straining your wallet.

Shree Hari Seasonal Dhaba:

This establishment celebrates the traditional cooking methods of Rajasthan, including the use of cow dung cakes for baking and stoves for preparing cornbread. Its authentic approach to cooking results in dishes that taste like they’ve been prepared in a Rajasthani village.

Prem Sagar Dhaba:

Nestled a bit outside the hustle and bustle of Udaipur’s city center, this eatery offers a diverse menu that spans Rajasthani, North Indian, South Indian, and even Chinese cuisine. What sets Prem Sagar apart is its adaptability to the seasons; it incorporates seasonal delicacies that resonate with the local palate. During the colder months, specialties such as maize roti, bajra roti, and yam with rabri take center stage, offering a taste that’s both comforting and authentic.

Jammu and Himachal Dhaba:

This dhaba brings a touch of the northern frontier to Udaipur, serving up a mix of Rajasthani, North Indian, and even Chinese cuisine. The use of traditional cooking fuels like wood and cow dung cakes adds an authentic flavor to their dishes, particularly notable in their cheese garlic naan. Located further from the city center, it promises a serene dining experience that’s well worth the travel, making it a hidden gem for those seeking authentic flavors in a traditional setting.

All Dhaba establishments epitomize the rich culinary tradition of Rajasthan, offering dishes that are deeply rooted in the local culture while also embracing the diversity of Indian cuisine. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty vegetarian meal or want to explore the rustic flavors of the region, these dhabas provide a genuine taste of Udaipur gastronomic excellence.

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