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Top 10 Places to Visit in Udaipur

The City Palace:

As a monumental complex towering over Lake Pichola, the City Palace in Udaipur is a fusion of Rajasthani and Mughal architectural styles. The palace complex is a maze of courtyards, pavilions, terraces, corridors, rooms, and hanging gardens, each with a distinct decoration style. It houses several palaces, museums, and gardens, providing a deep dive into the royal history of Udaipur.

Lake Pichola:

This artificial freshwater lake, created in 1362 AD, is surrounded by hills, temples, bathing ghats, and embankments. Two islands, Jag Niwas and Jag Mandir, are located within the lake. The serene boat rides during sunrise or sunset offer breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding Aravalli Mountains.

Jagmandir Island:

Situated on Lake Pichola, Jagmandir Island is accessible by boat. It’s renowned for its grandiose construction featuring marble structures with intricate carvings. The island has a palace named Jag Mandir Palace, which is known for its majestic architecture and historical significance.

Saheliyon Ki Bari:

Translated to ‘Garden of the Maidens’, this garden was built for a group of forty-eight young women attendants who accompanied a princess to Udaipur as part of her dowry. It’s famed for its lush lawns, marble art, and fountains, offering a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle.

Fateh Sagar Lake:

An artificial lake named after Maharana Fateh Singh, it’s known for its scenic beauty and offers a tranquil environment. The lake has three small islands, which can be visited by boat. It’s a popular spot for morning walks, picnics, and boat rides.

Sajjangarh Palace (Monsoon Palace):

Land on a hilltop, the Sajjangarh Palace offers a panoramic view of Udaipur’s lakes, palaces, and surrounding countryside. Originally built to watch the monsoon clouds, the palace is a favored spot for witnessing sunsets.

Bagore Ki Haveli:

Located at the waterfront of Lake Pichola, this haveli has been converted into a museum showcasing the culture of Mewar. The haveli also hosts Dharohar, a cultural show in the evenings, which is a must-see for its traditional dance and music performances.

Jagdish Temple:

An Indo-Aryan architectural marvel, Jagdish Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The three-storied temple is decorated with stunning carvings and is a significant symbol of Hindu spiritual heritage.


A rural arts and crafts complex, Shilpgram is located 3 km west of Udaipur. It’s a living museum that depicts the lifestyles of the tribal people of the West Zone. Visitors can see traditional houses from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Goa, and Maharashtra here.

Vintage Car Museum:

This museum is a delight for car enthusiasts, showcasing a collection of vintage and classic cars belonging to the royal family of Udaipur. It includes a variety of cars, some of which are over seventy years old. The collection comprises Rolls Royce, Mercedes, and Cadillac models, among others, and provides a glimpse into the luxurious lifestyle of the Mewar royalty.

Each of these destinations in Udaipur offers a unique experience, from the opulence and history of royal palaces to the serene beauty of lakes and gardens, the rich cultural performances, and the rare glimpse into vintage luxury. Visiting these places not only provides a visual feast but also a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural richness of Udaipur and Rajasthan.

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