Destination Wedding in Udaipur

10 Best Things to Do in Udaipur During Wedding Seasons


Udaipur, a city in the Indian state of Rajasthan, is famed for its beautiful lakes and majestic palaces. Known as the ‘Venice of the East’, it becomes especially enchanting during the wedding season, which spans from October to March. This time of year, the city buzzes with festive energy, making it a prime 10 Best things to do in udaipur during wedding Seasons, destination for weddings and tourists.

Experiencing Udaipur's luxurious Weddings

Destination Wedding in Udaipur

Historical Palaces as Wedding Venues

Udaipur’s palaces, like the City Palace and Jag Mandir, are not just tourist attractions; they’re also popular venues for lavish weddings. These palaces offer a glimpse into royal Rajasthani architecture and provide a luxurious setting for nuptials. Imagine celebrating amidst ancient walls that tell stories of a bygone era!

The attract of Traditional Rajasthani Weddings

Attending a traditional Rajasthani wedding in Udaipur is like stepping into a cultural fairytale. These weddings are known for their vibrant colors, elaborate rituals, and traditional music and dance. As a guest, you can immerse yourself in the customs and traditions that make Rajasthani weddings unique.

Romantic Boat Rides on Lake Pichola

Lake Pichola is a centerpiece of Udaipur’s beauty. Taking a boat ride on this lake, especially at sunset, is a romantic experience. The calm waters, the reflection of the setting sun, and the view of the city’s palaces create an unforgettable ambiance.

Heart of Udaipur , Fatehsagar

Visiting Fatehsagar Lake in Udaipur during the wedding season can be a uniquely charming experience. Udaipur, often referred to as the “Venice of the East,” is renowned for its romantic ambiance, making it a favored destination for weddings, especially during the cooler months from September to March


During the wedding season, the city, including Fatehsagar Lake, is adorned with lights and decorations, adding to its natural beauty and creating a festive atmosphere. The lake, with its tranquil waters and picturesque backdrop, provides a stunning setting for wedding photography. You might witness beautifully decorated boats and the lakeside teeming with wedding parties, adding a lively and colorful vibe to the area.

Exploring Udaipur's Rich Cultural Heritage

jagdish mandir udaipur

Visiting Ancient Temples

Udaipur is dotted with ancient temples, each with its unique history and architectural style. The Jagdish Temple, for instance, is an iconic structure in Udaipur, known for its exquisite carvings and Indo-Aryan architecture. These temples are not just religious sites; they are also custodians of the city’s ancient heritage.

Museums and Art Galleries

To understand Udaipur’s rich cultural background, visiting its museums and art galleries is a must. The City Palace Museum, for example, showcases artifacts that narrate the history of the Mewar Kingdom. Art galleries in Udaipur display both traditional and contemporary art, reflecting the city’s artistic evolution.

Delighting in Local Rajasthani Cuisine

daal-baati-churma udaipur

Must-Try Dishes

Udaipur’s culinary scene is as rich as its culture. Traditional dishes like Dal Bati Churma (a combination of lentils, baked wheat balls, and sweet churma) , not just meals but a part of the region’s heritage.

Best Places to Eat

The city offers a plethora of dining options, from street food stalls to upscale restaurants. Local eateries like Natraj Dining Hall offer authentic Rajasthani thalis, while upscale restaurants like Upre provide a fusion of traditional and modern cuisine along with stunning lake views.

Shopping in Udaipur's Vibrant Markets

Hathi Pol Bazaar Udaipur

Traditional Attire and Handicrafts

For shopping enthusiasts, Udaipur’s markets like Bada Bazaar and Hathi Pol Bazaar are treasure troves. Here, you can find traditional Rajasthani attire such as lehengas and turbans, as well as handicrafts like miniature paintings and silver jewelry. These markets are not just shopping destinations; they are vibrant hubs of Udaipur.

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