Reasons to visit Udaipur in monsoon

Reasons to visit Udaipur in Monsoon

Monsoon Checklist: Reasons to visit Udaipur in Monsoon?

As the Monsoon is progressing bit by bit, the June rain deficit in Udaipur has turned to its positive side. The hot season is coming to its closing stages with some rain showers recently, the Monsoon is what everyone is waiting for.

Udaipur is at its best in the Monsoon Season. A lot of people flock to the city of lakes to watch the seamless beauty of the city. The whole of Udaipur, the entire city takes on a stunning beauty in this season.

Udaipur showcases stimulating hues as the monsoon fills up several lakes of this city. Voted the most romantic city in India, many things in the city are must-visit or must-do during the Monsoon Season.

Have a look at the Reasons to visit Udaipur in Monsoon. So whether you’re a local or a tourist, this shall serve you to the best. Thank you later!

Monsoon Palace- Sajjangarh

Located at a distance of about 5 km from the central city, Monsoon Palace was once the favorite destination of the royal family during the rainy season. The palace is located on a hill and looks like a castle from some grand fairy tale. One can also visit the adjoining Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary if one wishes to enjoy Nature at its best.

The way is also very enticing as blind turns give you those chills with an awe-inspiring view of the hills.

Ubeshwar Ji

Ubeshwar Ji is a Shiva temple. It is located about 15km away from Udaipur city and is a residence of the people from Bhil tribes and Rajputs. As it is said that the path traveled to reach a destination is more beautiful than the destination itself, the same is the case with Ubeshwar. Located at a great height, the way is super exciting leading to green mountains and the sound of the wind with the misty atmosphere during rains.

Keleshwar Ji

Keleshwar is yet another Shiva Temple. It is located 30 km away from Udaipur city. The area is inhabited by people belonging to the Bhil tribes. Keleshwar Waterfalls are around 10km from Ubeshwar Ji. Taking a bike ride on the road excites me. The serpentine road turns encompassed by a lush green valley is like a dream.


This place is also known for its serpentine road, fully surrounded by mountains, valleys, and small green hillocks giving a magnificent view of the scenery. It defines the countryside beauty of the city of Lakes. Rayta has some of the most scenic views one can imagine in Udaipur. The place is located so high that it gives a panoramic view of the back side of Udaipur- a must-visit during the Monsoon season.

Apart from these locations, Reasons to visit Udaipur in monsoon enlisted below are some places that can also be your destination during rains:

  • Ambrai Ghat
  • Nandeshwar Ji
  • Madaar Lake
  • Badi Lake
  • T.D Dam
  • Chandni Village
  • Jhameshwar Ji
  • Sisarma
  • Ganesh tekri
  • Kundeshwar Mahadev Ji
  • Kavita Village

What to relish Reasons to visit Udaipur in monsoon?

Corncob (भुट्टा)

This is the most relished thing when it comes to snacking around at Fateh Sagar. You will find some stalls and vendors selling sweet corn and corn cobs roasted on coal which gives a superb flavor and fragrance to the corn.

Pakode (पकोड़े)

When we talk about rain, pakoras, and tea are a must-have. It is somewhat of a staple in the monsoon season. ‘Aloo-Pyaaz ke Pakode’ with green chutney is what we crave.


Various small and big outlets give unmatched bread-Bada or Bread-Pakoda in Udaipur, and seriously they are a must-try.


Well, for people who are chai-holic like me, tea is an inseparable part of life. Chai can be called the National Drink of India. Call it whatever, but Chai has the most significance during rain. When paired with samosas, it becomes an irresistible combination!

Best Places to Spend your evenings in Monsoon in Udaipur

A walk at FS

The acronym FS is known to every locality of Udaipur. It stands for Fateh Sagar. The place is the hub of the crowd gathering in the evenings, especially on rainy evenings. Taking a walk near the huge lake feels like a dream. If you’re seeking fun in the city, taking a boat ride on Lake Fateh Sagar is an absolute must-do activity.

If you happen to be in the city around the monsoon, voila! -your definition of beauty might change. A slight hint of soft wind is always blowing with drizzle falling on your face; trust me you can never forget the place once you’ve been here.

Boating in Lake Pichola or Fatehsagar

Udaipur is known as the City of Lakes, boating is an inseparable element then. The two major lakes, Pichola and Fateh Sagar offer boating and if you are a lover of the water, you must try boating.

The boating in Pichola will cost you from INR 150 to 250

The Boating in Fathesagar starts from INR 150 to 350 as it offers speedboats too

Udaipur is indeed a beautiful place, attracting a lot of people around the monsoons. Hope, now you are equipped with the do’s in Udaipur in monsoon. Have a great time!

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